Serving Suggestions

  1. STRAIGHT OUTTA' THE BAG! The easiest way to enjoy Pânsâwân Dry Meat and Pemmican is simply as is, in it's most natural state. 

  2. BUTTER?! An unexpected but very popular way to enjoy Pânsâwân Dry Meat is simply with Butter.  The high protein delicacy paired with a good quality 'healthy fat' reveals a most delicious and flavorful combination.  Whether you prefer regular salted butter or organic grass-fed unsalted butter, a small spread of it paired with your Pânsâwân Dry Meat is a must-have with many of our fans!

  3. YOU GUAC MY WORLD! Both Dry Meat AND Pemmican taste amazing with Guacamole!  You may simply dip your pieces in your favourite Guac recipe OR sprinkle in a little (or A LOT) of Pemmican powder into your Guacamole for a protein packed flavour punch!

  4. PemmiCAN!!  Everywhere we travel, we find that Traditionally, our Indigenous Elders used to enjoy their own unique ways of eating Pemmican.  Our Founder has fond memories of his late-Grandfather using large stones to make Pemmican powder from Dry Meat strips.  He would work at it for a long time to create a small bowl full.  Our Founder and all of his cousins would only take minutes to completely devour the delicious powder.  Others would mix Pemmican with fresh, hand-crushed blueberries and a sprinkle of brown sugar.  While elsewhere, some would mix Pemmican with fresh, hand-crushed Chokecherries and rendered Bison fat.  

  5. TRADISH Traditionally, if our Elders would add anything to their Dry Meat, it would be rendered fat (ie-Moose lard) and possibly a sprinkle of salt.

  6. THIS IS HOW WE STEW IT!  If you think you can keep your Dry Meat around long enough, why not try and make some Dry Meat Soup or Stew with it?  Our Elders also used to prepare this soup on occasion also.  Simply simmer with your favorite seasonings and root vegetables and ENJOY!

Let us know YOUR favorite way to enjoy Pânsâwân Dry Meat and Pemmican!  Tag us in your photos @pansawandrymeat!