Our Story - From a dream to reality...


(Photo by: http://www.steinhauerphotography.ca)

'Dry Meat' is something that has been around for thousands of years and is prepared using varying methods by many different Cultures around the Earth.  Traditionally, our Indigenous Ancestors who inhabited Turtle Island would prepare carefully thinly sliced strips of lean game meat in such a way that it was preserved by Drying and Smoking.  This slow and attentive method of naturally preserving meat would ensure the First Peoples would be able to sustain themselves throughout the long harsh winters, during extended journeys or carry them over times when they would be preparing for their next hunt.  The dried meat is noted to be very nutritious as it is high in protein, low in fat, and higher in minerals such as iron due to the lower temperature involved in creating it.  

Ian Gladue had been shown by his Elders this method of preparing the meat.  He is originally from Wabasca's Bigstone Cree Nation in Alberta, Canada in Treaty 8 Territory.  From there, he was taught to refer to this 'thinly sliced meat' in his Cree language as 'Pânsâwân' (bahn-sa-wan).*  

During the summer of 2015 Ian and his mother Jacqueline Masuzumi (who is Dene from Fort Good Hope, NWT) were teaching Ian's Fiancé Rondell Desjarlais how to make 'Dry Meat'.  It was at this time that they were inspired and felt this highly revered Aboriginal delicacy needed to be shared with others.  Ian and Rondell were already working together with their business  'Native Delights' which facilitated the creation of PÂNSÂWÂN as they were experienced with operating a Restaurant, Food Concessions, Catering and Commercial Kitchens.  In the early stages of launching 'Pânsâwân', Ian took the time to meet with Elders throughout our local area to respectfully get their feedback on the product thus making it 'Elder Approved'.   

PÂNSÂWÂN is made from the best quality All-natural, Alberta farmed Buffalo that is raised free from any added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.  The process to create PÂNSÂWÂN is a timely procedure that involves carefully slicing, naturally drying, and smoking the meat.  Ian has worked hard to ensure the Traditional taste is maintained and duplicated from his Elders' teachings.  

PÂNSÂWÂN is now available throughout Alberta, Canada in several select stores.  It is enjoyed by all People regardless of age or ethnicity.  Soon we plan to launch our online store for PÂNSÂWÂN on this website so you may be able to enjoy having it delivered right to you! 

[*We respectfully acknowledge different Indigenous Peoples in other regions have different terms for this common staple in the Traditional diet.  Pânsâwân (bahn-sa-wan) is the word we've been taught to use.]